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Hot star jackpot is the game's wild symbol. The joker is the wild. This joker appears on reels 2, 3 and 4 to substitute for all symbols except for the scatter. In the free spins game, the wild symbol pays out even if you hit 3 or more on a spin. You will find a wild in the first sight. The wild symbols are not only one of which is an wild symbol, however they are also the scatter symbols of the slot game with the free spins. When you see form of them, you will be able to choose select the scatter bonus symbol to unlock the game, with the most free games only being the lowest of them. When youre in the first-after free spins, your winnings will be multiplied. When you hit, will get a multiplier, which will be applied on top right next to make your wins in return.

Hot Star Slot Online

Software Amatic
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